Folegandros Mirko Friebe underwater life

2017 | Greece


The beautiful and quite Cycladic Island Folegandros, is a true jewel of Greece's Aegean Sea. Most travellers, who first time arrive by Ferry Boat (there is a Heliport, in case you’re rich and / or famous) to Folegandros, fall in Love with this place, and return. So am I.

Clifftop Chora is, and I agree, considered as one of the most appealing villages in the Cyclades. The Diving? Spectacular! Just awesome!!! Crystal clear waters, with visibilities well in the +30m / +100ft zone, the Deep Blue of the Aegean Sea, the always present Greek Sun, that breaks through the Blue.
Add some Caves and Caverns, Reefs and Drop Off Walls, a diverse Marine Life, and you have a very unique Diving Destination in Greece.
Word of Mouth already has it. Be quick!
Very popular, as well in the international Freediving Community.
Folegandros Mirko Friebe underwater lifeFolegandros Mirko Friebe underwater life
Natural science will in time incorporate into itself the science of man, just as the science of man will incorporate into itself natural science: there will be one science.”
Karl Marx
Folegandros Mirko Friebe underwater diver
Folegandros Mirko Friebe landscape view
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Folegandros Mirko Friebe landscape view