2016 | Spain

Gran Canaria

Excellent Scuba Diving, just off the coast of the small fishing village Sardina del Norte. Here you are at the rural, and traditional part, of otherwise quite touristy Gran Canaria.
Expect easy shore entries, which will take you into the great Bay, that surrounds the village, giving it perfect protection from strong winds, currents, and high waves. The Dive Sites make perfect locations to enjoy the Marine Life rich waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Expect to see countless invertebrates, cold water coral reefs, and a diverse fish population. Rays and sometimes sharks are seen here, most frequently the Angel Shark, a shark typical for the Canary Islands Archipelago.
Gran Canaria Mirko Friebe underwater life Gran Canaria Mirko Friebe landscape view Gran Canaria Mirko Friebe underwater diver Gran Canaria Mirko Friebe underwater life